And so ... the safelink is updated :D
I hope there is no more problem like can't click the button, etc ...
Since my aunt was going to get married soon, so I'll be leaving this site for a while
If you have any sugestions, problems, or just want say hello, you can send me an email to : [email protected]

Kmine - ETH Faucet

Well... we glad to do what we like, and that is making a faucet, a good one
Actually I want to make one with no captcha but, it seems like it's not possible for now, as for the multi coin, you can start claiming on our new website DARAK.ME
And so another plan for the future :)
- Update safelink/shortlink (whatever)
- Update new faucet (
- Add another features
- Update antibot
- And so on ..
And if you have some nice idea, problems with faucet, want to donate me 1 BTC (Just kidding), or just want to talk with me, send me mail here : [email protected]